Monday, August 27, 2007

The process of manuscript to novel to published work doesn't end when the publisher sends the book to the distributor for pre-sale orders in the bookstore. The next major phase of marketing and publicity is fully underway. This is the time when reviews, booksignings, interviews and other publicity are conducted.
My book - Straight To The Heart, a September release, has already been sighted in Walmart. It's available in bookstores for a month, via on-line sources like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or for an extended period. As a first, the book's format is also available as an e-book via All future books will be in print and electronic.

Straight To The Heart is the third in a series. Bad news is that Sweet Surrender (Book 1) and Here And Now (Book 2) are sold out, even on my publisher's site. Good news is that and may still have copies.

Reviews for Straight To The Heart (published Harlequin - Kimani Press) are coming in:

Romantic Times Bookclub: Multilayered characters, intertwined lives and stories with an unexpected twist make Straight to the Heart (4), by Michelle Monkou, intriguing.

Single Titles.Com: Straight to the Heart is like smooth dark chocolate, and got this reader’s attention from the very beginning. Omar and Stacy are realistically created characters that felt remarkably like close friends. When they shared a scene, there were fireworks. Both are intelligent and self-reliant, warm and loyal to those they care about, passionate and sexy. Manager, Brenda is a little on the “hard-edged” side, but understandably so; she adds that extra “something” to make the storyline fresh and original. Author, Michelle Monkou is a gifted writer with the uncanny ability to draw the reader right into the lives of her characters. Definitely an author to watch, she has certainly made a fan of this reader.

Upcoming booksignings:

BWI airport (Waldenbooks) on Sept. 8 from 9 a.m. to noon.
Turn The Page - Author Nora Robert's family bookstore on Nov. 3 (see for schedule)

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