Friday, August 31, 2007

Meet the Cast of Wicked Ways

One day when I had five free minutes an idea came to me about my upcoming novel, WICKED WAYS. As many of you know that is the sequel to GETTING HERS. Well, I wanted to do something a bit different this time. So I let my characters lead the way... the result is my Wicked Ways blog.

Here you can see and meet the characters, read what they have to say about themselves and each other. And I will plant some information along the way, leading up to the release of Wicked Ways on Oct. 2.

So when you get a minute, stop by Wicked Ways

Bear with me as I continue to build the site. But in the meantime feel free to leave your comments!


bettye griffin said...

Nice cover, Donna!

shelia said...

Donna, I loved this book. I won't spoil it for people who haven't read it, but if you read Getting Hers, you definately don't want to miss Wicked Ways. I like the surprise twist.