Friday, July 27, 2007

The Evolution Of Romance In The Book You're Writing

I'm in the midst of writing my live story sexual intrigue romance called Sex Weed ( I really understood the evolution of romance. The hook line in Sex Weed is "One taste and he can't get enough."

It's about Dyson who decides to get revenge by sleeping with his brother's wife, Melissa, but what he thought he could just tap ended up being a very involved relationship with this mysterious young woman.

Of course it has the usual non-communication isues in a romance, deceit, lies and you can't have a good romance without a lot of drama.

In the beginning of Sex Weed we open to Dyson trying to blow Melissa's back out across his desk. Pile driving in her for his own demented selfish sexual pleasure. Blackmailed to enjoy the pleasure of Dyson's rough lovemaking, Melissa does enjoys it and their relationship is that.
Sex Sex and more sex, wherever they can get it and however they can make it happen.

As the story evolves, as much as they try to keep their own emotions at bay, the drama that plays out between them and the people around them draws them closer and closer together and they find themselves in a position where the doorway of love is in front of them and although both of them want to walk through, of course its all a matter of trust when it comes to love.
Since this is one of my live story's where I post on a daily base (three times a week to be honest) a lot of the readers who got on this train to read Sex Weed had complained that this was just going to be another sex story, but now as we hit the balls out climax where danger is coming down fast and their relationship is in jeopardy of ending, the readers are finding out that this story is more complex than what they thought.
But isn't that what love is? Complex?
One reader commented on the story by saying:

I love this update.. This story has so evolved from the first chapter where lust and hate filled melissa and now , where love and trust are fighting for equal supremacy...but I know their avowals of love is but an inch away! Love your stories sylvia. Wow!
In all of this, I learn as I opened up Dyson and Melissa's hearts to each other for the reader is that everyone falls in love a different kind of way. It's kind of like eating food at the table.
Everyone has the same plate with the same portions, but how it's eaten and tasted from each
individual at the table is a different kind of way.
I like having people fall in love and I think as a writer, having a different experience for your reader is important. True there really can't be a new way to write a book, introduce a plot or even bring out the wonderfulness of a character, but there are a trillion ways to fall in love. And
Each book of love is a different story.
And I hope to explore all the new ways in every way in each book I write.
Sylvia Hubbard, Author

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Happy Birthday To Me!

July 27 is my birthday. And I'm not shy about shouting it to the rooftops or celebrating my accomplishments. Why else are we here on this earth, but to develop and celebrate what God has given us.

I'm not having a party - did that last year. And what a blast that was. Nope, this year, I will stick close to home, hang out with my family and do what I always do.

Yet I have lots to be grateful for like my upcoming novel - Straight To The Heart - hitting the bookshelves in September. I can't wait. I am excited about this story and its characters.

Straight To The Heart is the third story in the Masterson series.

Meet Omar Masterson, the youngest in the family, who takes some bold steps toward independence. As a TV Video and Talk Host, his first assignment lands him in the spotlight of Stacy Watts, hip-hop singer/actress. Together the two must battle and make amends with their past or be destroyed, canceling any hope of a life together. Their fierce love for each other is swift and direct, like an arrow - straight to the heart.

Hurry and pre-order your copy on or

HarlequinKimani Press

Romance ISBN 0-373-86034-X
September 2007


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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

"What Ever happened 2 MY King" Trials, Tribulations and mad Struggle but now ready for the World!!!!!!

“What Ever happened 2 My King,” is my first published novel and let me tell you―that book is my baby. I first started writing this novel when I was just 19. I came up with the title back then and started jotting down ideas but it wasn’t until March of 2005 that I committed and dedicated the time and effort I needed to complete the piece; from that point it took me about 4 months to finish it.

With “What Ever Happened 2 My King”, I wanted to reach out and touch everyone, urban, suburban, young, and elder, men and woman. The response I’m receiving from readers is CRAZY LOVE!!!! Let me put it this way, the book is over 300 pages and people are reading it in a day or two, yeah it’s one of them!! It makes me feel proud that people really enjoy my writing because I know that when I purchase a book I want to be captivated and entertained; however, I wanna peep some lessons and messages as well. My books will always be described as gritty and raw but not one person that read one of novels can say they didn’t gain something from it.

My journey has been rocky, no doubt!!! The demand for the book was high in B-more since word of mouth is a great promotional tool, but what’s demand if you don’t have the funds to fill orders!!!!!! I found myself loosing it; I had Bills, Bills, Bills, so what dough I made I had to use it instead of flipping it for more books; I guess you can say I was on my grind―Amazon orders, Barnes and orders, street orders, book store orders; I couldn’t fill any of them and I was about to loose it, so I took a deep breath, took a step back; got a second job, did some research and met a few great authors that were willing to give me advice and some type of guidance―shout out to Jessica Tiles and Lisa Woodson!!! I learned how to get distribution and was directed to a great publicity firm “Donna Hill Promotions”. Okay, I done took my two steps back to take 5 steps forward. I am now ready for the world and will keep hitting my readers with captivating yet motivational urban page turners.

I must shout out my family; my mother Glenda Brooks, My father Michael Smith and Lil’ brother Deontay (Smokey) Smith―keep your head up baby boy!!! I also wanna say peace to all of the people down in B-more that had my back from the start; the hoods, the burbs, the barber shops, hair salons and corner stores that let me post my posters and sell my books; I especially wanna shout out Urban Knowledge Book store at Mondawmon Mall, Sand Sephia and Sable Book Store at the Plaza and Words by Wendell Bookstore for being the first three stores to stock my book!!!!!