Thursday, July 26, 2007

Happy Birthday To Me!

July 27 is my birthday. And I'm not shy about shouting it to the rooftops or celebrating my accomplishments. Why else are we here on this earth, but to develop and celebrate what God has given us.

I'm not having a party - did that last year. And what a blast that was. Nope, this year, I will stick close to home, hang out with my family and do what I always do.

Yet I have lots to be grateful for like my upcoming novel - Straight To The Heart - hitting the bookshelves in September. I can't wait. I am excited about this story and its characters.

Straight To The Heart is the third story in the Masterson series.

Meet Omar Masterson, the youngest in the family, who takes some bold steps toward independence. As a TV Video and Talk Host, his first assignment lands him in the spotlight of Stacy Watts, hip-hop singer/actress. Together the two must battle and make amends with their past or be destroyed, canceling any hope of a life together. Their fierce love for each other is swift and direct, like an arrow - straight to the heart.

Hurry and pre-order your copy on or

HarlequinKimani Press

Romance ISBN 0-373-86034-X
September 2007


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Shelia said...

Michelle, I'm ready for your next book :)

donnah said...

I knew I liked you for a reason, Michelle--a fellow Leo!!! Happy B'day (though belated)