Sunday, May 06, 2007

Unfinished finished!

After two years of fighting with my inner self to complete Unfinished Business, I FINALLY completed it. And, I think you will be pleased. At least I hope you will, considering I am NOT going to write about Raven anymore. I really can't stand her! She works every nerve in my body. I'm almost certain this will be the last installment of Raven Ward and her skanky antics.

Unfinished Business was the hardest book I had to write, because I didn't want to write it in the first place. I thought I was done with Raven, and her whorish ways, in Sweet Revenge. But, my readers were displeased with the ending. So, after many emails asking me to please write another installment, I did. Even though it took me two years to write it. And, it's a very quick read too. BAB's (big ass books) are not my type of reads or writes.

So, the release date was set for April 17, 2007 and the pre-orders were coming in, BIG TIME! There was no way I was going to play around with people's money and not ship those books out on time. The date is April 1 and I have 13 chapters completed, which isn't the half-way point in the book. Finishing the book was going to be tricky because I run Xpress Yourself Publishing, with 14 authors who requests my attention, 24/7, as well as new titles that were being released. Oh, and let me not forget that I am the full time caretaker for my mom and dad, who constantly calls out my name, running me up and down the stairs, all day long. By April 7, I had finished the book and shot off to an editor who did the quickest editing job I'd ever seen. And, I'm almost sure there is an error or two. As a matter of fact, I've already received an email from a reader, pointing out the fact that I had left the word "a," which threw off her reading experience.

I made my deadline and I couldn't be happier. BUT, I will never, ever write like that again. For your reading pleasure, however, below is a brief snippet from Unfinished Business. To learn more, you can visit my web site at!

* * * *
He brushed his hands through his curly tresses, down to the back of his neck where he threaded his fingers together. He needed a haircut. Unable to stop fidgeting, he ran his hand across his five o’clock shadow. He needed a shave too.

“Even when we were separated, I never cheated on you. Don’t get me wrong, the temptation was there, but I loved you more than anything.”

“You’re using past tense. You don’t love me anymore?”
“Yes, I still love you. I can’t stand your ass at the moment, but I can’t stop loving someone at the drop of a hat either.”
Exhaling discreetly, Arthur felt a sense of relief. She still loved him. He smiled inside.
Morgan looked down at the floor and then at her toes. She wiggled them, flexed her foot and then pointed her toes toward him. “Not even my sister. Regardless of how she betrayed me, I still love her. I knew Raven was capable of many things, but her fucking you…well, I guess it really shouldn’t surprise me in the least.” She gently tapped her head against the door. “There was nothing I wouldn’t do for Raven. Her back was always secure as long as I was around. It would’ve been nice to know what it felt like for my sister to have had my back, every once in a while. Humph, all the shit I got that girl out of.”
“She’s sick. She has a problem.” Immediately after the comment left his mouth, Arthur wished he could press rewind. Damn!
Morgan gave him another menacing look into his eyes and hesitated. “What’s your excuse?”
Arthur noticed the warmth was no longer there; and it terrified him. “My actions were inexcusable and I’m beating myself up for it. We’ve overcome so many obstacles and I know we can overcome this.” Falling on his knees and crawling toward her, “Please don’t give up on me, Morgan,” he begged. Reaching her toes, he leaned down and kissed each toe. “I don’t want to think of living life without you.”
She tilted her head to the side and gnawed on her bottom lip. “Did you kiss her toes? You’ve never kissed my toes before now.”
Damn, Arthur thought, as he dropped his weight on her legs in defeat. “How long are you going to make me pay?”
His warrior’s pride shattered, Arthur buried his face between her calve muscles and sobbed. “Oh God, Morgan…”
Seeing her man’s broken spirit, Morgan’s face softened. She pouted her lips and reached for his head, running her fingers through his hair and down to his cheek, pulling him up toward her.
Staring deep into his eyes, she noticed that the sparkle was gone from his pupils.
They were gone from hers as well, for she no longer trusted him.
He pulled himself closer to her face and grazed her lips with his. “I’ll do what ever it takes,” he whispered, his tongue stroking her bottom lip.
Her lips trembled as she softly moaned his name, giving him more hope.
Arthur’s eyes remained opened, peering through to her soul, hopeful while hurting, trying to find an ounce of forgiveness. Not expecting to be pardoned really, he knew the journey to righting this ship was going to be a hard road to travel. However, he was willing to endure it no matter how bumpy or how far. Until death do us part, was his vow and he was sticking to it. The question was, was she?
He slid his hand up her thigh, to her abdomen, finding comfort caressing her breast.
Morgan inhaled quickly, while drawing her eyes tighter, squeezed out a single tear, causing a thin stream to flow down her cheek. She shook her head defiantly.
“Not now, baby. Not now, don’t turn me away,” Arthur encouraged.

His tongue savored the saltiness of her skin as his lips brushed her ear, traveling across her cheek, down her lips, and then tasting the sweetness of her mocha cream-flavored lip-gloss.
Morgan’s lips trembled against his. “You need a condom,” she whispered.
The unaccustomed request sent chills throughout Arthur. Stopping, he pulled himself up on his knees and squared his shoulders. “I need a what?”
“You’ve been with someone else. I need to protect myself.”
“Protect yourself from what?”
“Arthur, you had sex with another woman.”
“For God’s sake, Morgan, I can’t keep doing this.”
“Then do what you have to do.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
Morgan shrugged her shoulders. “However you perceive it. Shit, Shalimar said it best, ‘make that move, right now, baby.’” She snatched up her shoes and headed toward the stairs. “I don’t want you in the bed anymore. Since you’re not leaving the house, then you should move your things into the guestroom.”
“Aww come on, Morgan. Now you’re being ridiculous,” Arthur shouted angrily as saliva sprayed from his mouth.
“I suggest you use Hanna and her five sisters,” his wife announced sarcastically pointing in the direction of her punnanny. “Or better yet, get some ass from Raven, because you’re never going to touch this ass again!” Her message emphatically delivered, she stormed up the stairs, into the bedroom and slammed the door.
Arthur slouched against the wall. Peering downward at his crotch, his dick was hard as a two-by-four.
“I’m not giving up, Morgan,” he yelled up the stairs to a closed door.


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