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One Love Wins 2007 Alternative Soul Award for Best Novel

It's been one year since the release of my first fiction novel One Love and what a roller coaster ride it has been for me. I couldn't begin to imagine all that I've accomplished the past twelve months selling and promoting my novel up and down the highways on the East Coast. What I also couldn't have predicted is the positive response I received from all the feedback and praise that literally exceeded my expectations. Sure, I thought One Love was excellent and well-written, but you never know what someone else would think when they get their hands on your book. All the time and energy I dedicated and put into learning how to write fiction paid off big time when last weekend when my baby (yes, One Love is my baby!!!) took home the 2007 Alternative Soul Award for Best Novel at the Alternative Soul Awards in Atlantic City, NJ.

I have to give much thanks and praise to my friend Raymond Tyler of Darkseed Communications for considerating One Love to be nominated in this category. I have to also give a special thanks to my dear friend, sister and publisher Jessica Tilles who took a chance and published my novel last year. There are so many people who assisted me along my journey including my sister and writing partner, Uva; my writing instructor, Janet Benton; my editor, John Wooden; my friend and legal counsel, Tonya Marie Evans-Walls; my parents, William L Holmes Sr and Sandra L Baytops; my brother, Mike Holmes, and my entire family and friends for their support! There are three individuals/group I need to make a special acknowledgment because I wouldn't have achieved this honor without their influence in my life:

First and foremost, God, my Lord and Savior, Who is the foundation of my inspiration because it takes great strength and courage to pursue and accomplish our dreams.

My dear friend and brother, Gene Roberson, who allowed me to use his name and likeness in One Love. The novel wouldn't have been possible without his experience, humor, and insight.

Most importantly, to everybody who has supported me over the past ten years in all of my creative endeavors! Your encouragement and enthusiasm gave me the drive to continue writing and dreaming during the tough times when I felt like giving it all up. There are not enough words to express how sentimental and special you are to me!

Praise for One Love

"Holmes pens a hip contemporary tale brimming with passion and sass. One Love is definitely one you won't want to miss!" - Tracy Price-Thompson, bestselling author of Knockin' Boots

"Bill Holmes writes with savvy, creating characters we all love to read about." - Jessica Tilles, bestselling author of Fatal Desire and Unfinished Business

"Can the past really hinder our success in the future? Bill Holmes does an excellent job of exploring that question and more in One Love." - John Wooden, author of A Moment of Justice, A Lifetime of Vengenance

"Holmes' writing is well-developed, with a very fulfilling ending." - Gary Johnson, Black Men In

"One Love was a great read! I thought Regina and Chris were strong and dimensional characters that could possibly flow into a sequel." - Shawan Lewis, author of Help Wanted

What happens when a poet struggling to find inspiration and a single woman frustrated with the dating scene cross paths? Bill Holmes answers this question and more in One Love, the hot novel that's masterful, intense and has people talking.

Excerpt from Chapter One:

She always looked sharp going to work, and today was no exception. The one thing about her, which always turned me on, wasthe confidence in her stride. There was something so commanding about the way she walked, like Maxine Shaw from Living Single. I wasn't sure if she was an attorney, but she had that elegant, classy beauty like Vanessa L Williams. The linen khaki business suit she was sportin' on this humid June morning worked well against her cinnamon complexion. Her auburn shoulder length hair she usually wore down was pinned up.

Uh oh, she must have realized I'd been checking her out because she made eye contact with me. The quizzical look on her face told me she thought she might know me, too. But she wasn't certain either. She sat down in the empty seat across the aisle from me, next to the balding white guy sleeping against the window.

"Hi," I said.

"Good morning," she replied.

She pulled out her BlackBerry and I went back to writing in my journal.

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