Monday, January 15, 2007

January Release - HERE AND NOW

Happy New Year, one and all!

My latest book - HERE AND NOW - has hit bookshelves this month, January 2007. This book is the 2nd in the Masterson series. The first book of the series is SWEET SURRENDER, which was part of the Kimani Press imprint launch in its third month, September 2006.

HERE and NOW takes up the story of Laura Masterson who steps out of her family's shadow to forge her own life. She reunites with her college sweetheart, Chase Westfield, who learns how to live life outside the spotlight after his Olympic career is threatened.

Laura Masterson is a physical therapist. I had the opportunity to meet a physical therapist after I was hit from behind while in my car. My back and neck were injured and I had a series of appointments with the therapist. Then I met one of the managers of the company and he was an ex-athlete who, after an injury, turned toward sports medicine. I already had the premise of the ex-athlete, but no career for Laura Masterson. One day, I shared my story and asked if it seemed realistic and that's when I learned that the manager had been an ex-pro athlete. Then I spent time interviewing my physical therapist.

I had pages of notes, but ended up using very little in the story. After all, I'm writing a romance story and the importance and attention had to be on the two characters. Their careers are simply a layer to who they are and what passions drive them. This is the true nature of conducting research and then writing the stories.

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