Friday, October 13, 2006

Darling Nikki

"Why did you write My Invisible Husband?" is a question that I'm often asked. On a subconscious level, the story idea actually developed after hearing people ask me one too many times "So when are you getting married?" The second reason is because the character, Nicolette "Nikki" Montana, wouldn’t let me sleep well until I wrote her story. (smile)

For those who haven't read My Invisible Husband yet, here’s a short synopsis: To appease her family and friends, 34-year-old Nicolette Montana fakes a Las Vegas wedding. On her return trip to Dallas, she meets the dashing Byron Matthews. When she gets caught up in her web of deceit, she's forced to ask Byron to step in to fill the void. Byron vows to help Nikki even if it means making certain sacrifices. How Nikki handles her web of deceit makes for a dramatic and sometimes comical story.

I will let Nikki tell her story in her own words:
Shelia Goss: Please introduce yourself.
Nicolette Montana: My name is Nicolette Montana but everyone calls me Nikki. I am 34 years old and as far as everyone knows, I'm engaged.

Shelia: What advice would you give other women who are in their 30s and have never been married?
Nikki: If you find a man that you love and the feelings are reciprocated, go for it. Otherwise, don't let your age cause you to bow down to the pressure.

Shelia: Were you pressured?
Nikki: Uh. Well. No. I just felt the need to share that with your readers.

Shelia: Tell us something special about your relationship.
Nikki: Where do I begin? He's everything I've dreamed of. He treats me like a queen and he's good eye-candy.

Shelia: If you could change anything about your relationship, what would it be?
Nikki: I wish he didn't travel as much.

Shelia: Do you think having a good sense of humor is important in a relationship?
Nikki: Yes. Very. Once we get married, he'll be away so much - I've already started calling him My Invisible Husband.

Of course in the interview, Nikki fails to reveal that it’s all a fa├žade. Some would say that Nikki's world is unrealistic. The fiction world that was created around Nikki Montana pales in comparison to the real life drama of Jennifer Wilbanks—the Runaway Bride that made the news last year and who recently made the news again when she filed a suit against her ex for $500,000.00. Jennifer Wilbanks proves that someone's fiction is another person's reality.

All of my books are "stories with a twist." My goal is to take real life situations, make them entertaining, but also make you think.

P.S. - Thank you Donna Hill Promotions for allowing me the opportunity to introduce Nikki on your blog.

Shelia M Goss


M Monkou said...


I'm looking forward to reading this book (soon after this book gets turned in). What an intriguing and attractive cover.


Shelia said...

Thanks Michelle.