Thursday, August 21, 2008

Writing Actions Scenes

Suspense involves a lot of elements. Killing scenes and love scenes I've mastered perfectly. (A little bit too good on the love scenes, huh, LOL.)

But the action scenes have been a challenge for me for a while.

The best action scene I've written is in Stealing Innocence when Onyx and Lethal entered the house and Onyx took that guy out with extreme prejudice. Dropped him like a bad habit and didn't blink. Then there was the warehouse scene where the bad men were shooting up a storm with the kids and Kimberly.

I liked that one.

Although that the scene where William fought with the killer in Stone's Revenge was pretty good too.

I mean when its involved in killing I've been surpriseningly and scarily pretty good too.

The Hearts have always been an action family and they've been a good outlet to write. But these darn action scenes are so damn detailed in this book because I'm dealing with more than one Heart at a time and they've all got drama of their own that weaves around main story line.

Writing action (fighting and showing the emotional impact to each character involved) is like describing a Jackie Chan and Jet Li fighting with a lot more blood involved when it comes to the Hearts. This means something to the characters and if you've kept up with the Heart of Detroit series, you know that it means a ot to you as a reader that I do justice to each scene.

This makes it more complicated and harder to write.

Or more like exhausting. Can you just imagine having all these big strong overwhelming men in one room all talking and doing things?

That's how I feel and that's why i've been slow at posting to my live story Emperor's Addiction because I have to take them one layer at a time so I don't feel so damn overwhelmed (especially when dealing with King and Lethal.)

I'm currently trying to get this story out the way and concentrate on my conference.

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