Friday, February 02, 2007

My Publishing Journey - Installment 2

Every Friday, I will take you on my publishing journey. I will provide a window into the world of an author, my interaction with the publisher, and the marketing/promotions involved.

This week I did manage to finish up my proposal launching a five-book series. I was two days late from my timeline, but nevertheless, got it done. It ended up being a four page synopsis and three chapters (49 pages), which I emailed to my agent.

I took a day off then started working on my yound adult proposal. Since this is a new genre for me, I solicited an author-friend's quick approval. I finished the synopsis and the first chapter and got it off to my author-friend. I have two more chapters to write, probably by this weekend, which means my agent will have another proposal by next week to market.

While working on the young adult book, my agent emails me that the editor is interested in seeing additional proposals, ASAP. I'm faced with setting down the young adult ficition that no one is knocking down my door for, or working on the proposals that an editor wants to see.

I know the answer seems pretty clear, but....

I'm sticking with my young adult because I'm too close to finishing the required three chapters. I wrote the first chapter in less than a day, so I think that I can finish the other two over the weekend.

I do know that one of the romance series will take place in Europe. Haven't nailed down a country, but I'm pretty sure my American heroine is going to have a wonderful time in a foreign land with the man of her dreams.

See ya next week, for the next installment.

Michelle Monkou

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